A warm welcome from the Burnley Bahá’ís

Although Bahá’í is an unusual word, many people in Burnley will recognise it because the Bahá’í community in Burnley has been active for over 50 years. Many local people have become members, joining a global community of over 7 million people working for Unity and Peace through the application of principles based on justice and an enlightened perspective on the important issues of life.

These principles embodied in Bahá’í teachings have found a particular resonance with the warm yet practical nature of Burnley people, a nature fashioned over many generations being on the front line of the industrial age.

Unlike most organisations that endeavour to promote their objectives and enlist members, the Bahá’í community, consistent with its enlightened approach to Politics, Religion and Science is very different. It upholds the principle of independent investigation of truth. As such is not inclined to coerce people into accepting its teachings but rather allow them to go at their own pace and decide the merits or otherwise for themselves. There are no priests, politicians or authority figures in the Bahá’í world, only universal democracy and a resulting administrative order that serves its members locally, nationally and globally.

Membership of the Bahá’í community is open to all.

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