Becoming a Bahá'í

Becoming a Bahá'í

How to join the Bahá’í community

Joining the Bahá’í community does not require going through any ritual at all including any sort of baptism. Anyone wishing to become a member simply informs a representative of the Local Bahá’í Assembly.

Once this declaration of Faith is received and accepted, the National Bahá’í Assembly then enrols the applicant as a member. Membership entitles the person to participate in administrative activities including voting, contributing to the Bahá’í fund and receiving Bahá’í publications.

“Those who declare themselves as Bahá’ís should become enchanted with the beauty of the Teachings, and touched by the love of Bahá’u’lláh. The declarants need not know all the proofs, history, laws, and principles of the Faith, but in the process of declaring themselves they must, in addition to catching the spark of faith, become basically informed about the Central Figures of the Faith, as well as the existence of laws they must follow and an administration they must obey.”

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