Burnley Bahá’í Community

Bahá’í has spread to 247 countries and territories throughout the world in 160 years. Over 7 million Bahá’ís come from over 2,100 ethnic, racial, and tribal groups worldwide. The central works of the Bahá’í Scriptures have been translated into 802 languages. This rapid, consistent and sustainable development has been achieved through the movement of Bahá’í to new areas, to work and introduce Bahá’í teachings and principles.

The first Bahá’í to move into Burnley were Doctor Abbas Afnan and his wife Shomais together with their two children Taraneh and Masoud. They arrived in Burnley in 1960 when Dr. Afnan took up the position of Deputy Medical Officer of Health. Their dynamic personalities attracted many people to the Bahá’í Faith and within two years, Bahá’í communities were established in both Burnley and Nelson. During the 1960s almost one hundred Burnley people became Bahá’ís. Similarly many Burnley Bahá’ís moved to other areas of the world with similar results.

The first Burnley person to become a Bahá’í was Mrs Amy Hargreaves who lived in Brunshaw Avenue. Amy who had been a mill worker was very sceptical of religion and had looked to politics and even the communist party for solutions to the world’s problems only to be disillusioned. A chance meeting with Dr. Afnan changed her life.

In 1992 the Burnley Bahá’í Community had the use of a property at 9 Colne Road, Burnley, which until recently was the Burnley Bahá’í Centre registered as a House of Worship with the local Authority.

Currently regular informal “fireside” meetings open to all are held every Wednesday at 7.30 pm at various locations in the Burnley area. These meetings take the form of informal discussions on various themes. To attend please call or text 0777 227 3362 for information.

Other meetings and events in Burnley and district including discussion groups, study groups, prayer and meditation evenings, and children’s classes are listed in Bahá’í Events.

The Bahá’í community in the Burnley area consists of people of all ages from many different backgrounds and walks of life. Most people who make contact with the Bahá’ís do so out of a feeling that there must be more to life than they are currently experiencing. They are rarely disappointed.

Here is the number to call or text: 0777 227 3362

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